Our Story

Our vision for The Industrial Experts of the Triad was created upon the realization that the privately held industrial real estate market in the Triad was being grossly underserved, suffering from exorbitant vacancy rates; whereas the larger owner-managed groups boasted occupancy rates of 95% and above. We set out on a fact-finding mission to determine why the juxtaposition between the traditional third party brokerage approach versus the owner-managed groups was so vast, and to determine upon a solution to close the gap.

As the answers began to reveal themselves we found that in order to repair the problem, we would have to take a multifaceted approach to not just marketing and leasing industrial property, but also through active management and strategic planning for each location over the course of time. Our service platform provides a turnkey solution for each building owner so that they can enjoy the return on their investment without having to deal with the day-to-day headaches that come along with industrial ownership.

We applied our extensive industry knowledge to create this servicing platform that is dedicated SOLELY to industrial property, and formed a team of reliable, dedicated service providers to:

  • Ensure that the every aspect of your building is properly tended to.
  • Address the needs of tenants in an efficient and effective manner to secure their loyalty and trust.
  • Break from the traditional commercial marketing strategies, and discover more effective ways to get our properties in front of the end users in the market.
  • Provide an open and collaborative environment to promote communication between the service providers, property managers, marketing team and landlord so that you never question the status of your property.
  • Garner the trust and respect of other brokers in the market so that they begin to promote our platform to tenants that they encounter.

Please take some time to view our slideshow and learn more about The Industrial Experts of the Triad. We would love to meet with you, and welcome you to reach out to us at any time. We look forward to having a part in facilitating the transformation of the Industrial Market in the Triad!